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University of Potsdam:
Conference "Antecedents of Action - Reasons, Decisions, Intentions, and Will"

14.-17. September 2006

Preliminary Program

Thursday, 14.9.2006
Until 17.00 Arrival
17.00 Meeting of the speakers at the conference hotel
17.30-17.40 Conference opening and welcome (at the conference venue)
17.40-19.00 Michael Bratman: Agency and Personal Identity
19.30 Dinner at the conference hotel

Friday, 15.09.2006
09.00-10.20 Maria Alvarez: How Desires Motivate Actions
10.40-12.00 Geert Keil / Philipp Hübl: Practical Reasons. Neither Mental States nor Facts
12.00-14.20 Lunch break
14.20-15.40 Jennifer Hornsby: Knowledge as a Spring of Action
17.30 Park Sanssouci (guided tour)
19.30 Conference Dinner at "Weinkontor"

Saturday, 16.09.2006
09.00-10.20 Marco Iorio: The Roles of Rules as Antecedents of Actions
10.40-12.00 Ralf Stoecker: Doing Something Intentionally
12.00-14.20 Lunch break
14.20-15.40 Alfred Mele: Conscious Intentions
16.00-17.20 Thomas Spitzley: On the Relation between Willing and Acting
17.40-19.00 Christoph Lumer: Intentional Causalism - Problems and Solutions
19.30 Dinner

Sunday, 17.09.2006
09.00-10.20 Tim Schroeder: Interpreting the Neuroscience of Action
10.40-12.00 Gary Watson: Valuing Agency
12.00-14.20 Lunch
14.00 End of conference


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