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Resource Markets and Policies

A Joint Research Program on Corporate Strategies, Market Developments, and other Trends Regarding Strategic Natural Resource



The research program „Resource Marktes and Policies“ analyzes corporate strategies, market developments, and other trends regarding strategic natural resources. Our initial focus is on energy resources (oil, natural gas, coal) whereas we shall also consider similar resource and commodity markets such as aluminium, copper, iron ore, uranium, and others. Our approach is interdisciplinary, with a focus on business and economics, technology, and institutional aspects.

Research partners:

  • Stanford University PESD (Program on Energy and Sustainable Development) - Global Coal
  • THINK provides advice to the European Commission on SET Plan (7th EU Framework Program)
  • EMF 28 „Europe 2050: „The Effects of Technology Choices on EU Climate Policy“

Previous projects:

  • Coordinating Energy Security in Supply Activities (CESSA) (Coordinating Energy Security in Supply Activities, 6th EU Framework Program)
  • Security of Energy Considering its Uncertainty, Risk, and Economic Implications (SECURE)
  • Coordinating Energy Security in Supply Activities (CESSA) (Coordinating Energy Security in Supply Activities, 6th EU Framework Program)

Please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, criticism or want to explore ways of cooperating with the program.


Jan Abrell (ETH Zürich)info_at_janabrell.de
Steven Gabriel (University of Maryland)sgabriel_at_umd.edu
Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin)cvh_at_wip.tu-berlin.de
Franziska Holz (DIW)fholz_at_diw.de
Daniel Huppmann (DIW)dhuppmann_at_diw.de
Claudia Kemfert (DIW)ckemfert_at_diw.de
Anne Neumann (Uni Potsdam)lswipo_at_uni-potsdam.de
Micaela Ponce (Uni Potsdam)mponce_at_uni-potsdam.de
Juan Rosellón (CIDE)juan.rosellon_at_cide.edu
Sophia Rüster (EUI)sophia.ruester_at_eui.eu
Ruben Tarne (Uni Potsdam)tarne_at_uni-potsdam.de
Georg Zachmann (Bruegel)georg.zachmann_at_bruegel.org
Aleksandar Zaklan (DIW)azaklan_at_diw.de



WP-RM-36Pao-Yu Oei and Roman Mendelevitch
Development Scenarios for a CO2 Infrastructure Network in Europe
WP-RM-35Johannes Herold, Pao-Yu Oei, Roman Mendelevitch and Andreas Tissen
Modeling a European Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage Infrastructure - To Capture or not to Capture?
WP-RM-34Alekandar Zaklan, Jan Abrell and Anne Neumann
Stationarity Changes in Long-Run Fossil Resource Prices: Evidence from Persistance Break Testing
WP-RM-33Anne Neumann and Karsten Neuhoff
Facilitating Low-Carbon Investments: Lessons from Natural Gas
WP-RM-32Anne Neumann, Juan Rosellón and Hannes Weigt
Removing Cross-Border Capacity Bottlenecks in the European Natural Gas Market: A Proposed Merchant-Regulatory Mechanism
WP-RM-31Aleksandar Zaklan, Kerstin Bernoth, Daniel Huppmann, Claudia Kemfert and Christian von Hirschhausen
Entwicklung der Erdölmärkte: Reservekapazität im Nahen Osten wirkt derzeit stabilisierend
WP-RM-30Aleksandar Zaklan, Anne Neumann and Christian von Hirschhausen
Welt-Metallmärkte: Steigende Preise bei hoher Marktkonzentration
WP-RM-29Pao-Yu Oei, Johannes Herold and Andreas Tissen
CO2 Speicherung in Deutschland: Eine Brückentechnologie als Klimalösung?
WP-RM-28Jan Abrell and Johannes Herold
Carbon Capture and Storage, Wind and Nuclear Power, and Technology Learning
WP-RM-27Aleksandar Zaklan, Georg Zachmann and Anne Neumann
The Dynamics of Global Crude Oil Production
WP-RM-26Roman Mendelevitch, Johannes Herold, Pao-Yu Oei, Andreas Tissen
CO2 Highways for Europe: Modeling a Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage Infrastructure for Europe
WP-RM-25Johannes Herold and Christian von Hirschhausen
Hohe Unsicherheiten bei der CO2-Abscheidung: Eine Energiebrücke ins Nichts?
WP-RM-24Clemens Haftendorn, Franziska Holz and Christian von Hirschhausen
COALMOD-World: A Model to Assess International Coal Markets until 2030
WP-RM-23Jan Abrell, Johannes Herold and Florian Leuthold
Modeling the Diffusion of Carbon Capture and Storage under Carbon Emission Control and Learning Effects
WP-RM-22 Daniel Huppmann and Franziska Holz
A Model for the Global Crude Oil Market Using a Multi-Pool MCP Approach
WP-RM-21 Aleksandar Zaklan, Astrid Cullmann, Anne Neumann, Christian von Hirschhausen
The Globalization of Steam Coal Markets and the Role of Logistics: An Empirical Analysis
WP-RM-20 Ruud Egging and Daniel Huppmann
User Manual Functional and Technical Documentation for the World Gas Model 2008
WP-RM-19 Sophia Ruester
Recent Dynamics in the Global Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
WP-RM-18Sophia Ruester
Recent Developments in Transaction Cost Economics
WP-RM-17 Sophia Ruester
Trust as a Shift Parameter in the Extended Transaction Cost Framework – A First Application to the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
WP-RM-16Anne Neumann, Norman Viehrig, and Hannes Weigt
InTraGas - A Stylized Model of the European Natural Gas Network
WP-RM-15Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Steven A. Gabriel
Representing GASPEC with the World Gas Model
WP-RM-14 Clemens Haftendorn and Franziska Holz
Analysis of the World Market for Steam Coal Using a Complementarity Model
WP-RM-13Clemens Haftendorn, Christian von Hirschhausen, and Franziska Holz
Moving towards a "Coal-PEC"?
WP-RM-12Anne Neumann
Linking Natural Gas Markets - Is LNG Doing Its Job?
WP-RM-11 Marcus Stronzik, Margarethe Rammerstorfer, Anne Neumann
Theory of Storage - An Empirical Assessment of the European Natural Gas Market
WP-RM-10 Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Daniel Huppmann, Sophia Ruester, Steven A. Gabriel
The World Gas Market in 2030 – Development Scenarios Using the World Gas Model
Also published as DIW Berlin - Discussion Paper 931.
WP-RM-09Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Steven A. Gabriel
The World Gas Model: A Multi-Period Mixed Complementarity Model for the Global Natural Gas Market
WP-RM-08 Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Claudia Kemfert
Perspectives of the European Natural Gas Markets until 2025
WP-RM-07Sophia Ruester
Changing Contract Structures in the International Liquefied Natural Gas Market - A First Empirical Analysis
WP-RM-06Anne Neumann and Christian von Hirschhausen
How to Measure Security of Supply?
WP-RM-05Christian von Hirschhausen, Clemens Haftendorn and Anne Neumann
It's coal, stupid! Is it?
WP-RM-04 Sophia Ruester and Anne Neumann
Next Year, Next Decade, Never? The Prospects of Liquefied Natural Gas Development in the US
WP-RM-03Anne Neumann
Transatlantic Natural Gas Price Convergence - Is LNG Doing Its Job?
WP-RM-02 Christian von Hirschhausen and Franziska Holz
Do We Really Need Russian Gas?
WP-RM-01Christian von Hirschhausen
Infrastructure, Regulation, Investment and Security of Supply: A Case Study of the Restructured US Natural Gas Market





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