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From Past to Future: Grassmann's Work in Context

Grassmann Bicentennial Conference
(1809 – 1877)
September 16 – 19, 2009  Potsdam / Szczecin  (DE / PL)


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Grassmann in EMS Newsletter

Where We Are Now:      At the End of our Conference
(updated September 19, 2009)

In view of Hermann Günther Graßmann's 200th birthday in 2009 we had organized this conference honouring Graßmann, where new insights into the works and influences of this great scientist had been presented.

The last major international conference dealing with Graßmann was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the first publication of the “lineale Ausdehnungslehre” and took place in 1994 on the island Rügen. Two publications with high quality contributions resulted from this conference. Almost 15 years have passed since then and the Rügen conference has stimulated a multitude of new publications, some having a mathematical approach, some dealing with the philosophical issues and some exploring the pedagogical context.

In preparation of this conference two books have been published: "Hermann Graßmann – Biography" the English translation of the German Graßmann biography from 2006 and a book of sources "Hermann Graßmann – Roots and Traces. Autographs and Unknown Documents" (German and Englisch) – which is meant to complement the biography.

These two books can only provide rather general material, but the wealth of relevant scientific and historical aspects require the work of many others. A conference that tries to shed light on many of these diverse aspects will be a dignified and worthy way of honouring of Graßmann. So this conference aims to collect all contributions which reflect Graßmann-related topics in an original way – be it from a mathematical, philosophical, philological, political or pedagogical point of view.

This conference will lead to a publication that, with detailed studies, covers what has been left out or only insufficiently been dealt within the biography and the source book and which will be the third part of a documentation in honour of Hermann Graßmann: "From Past to Future: Graßmann's Work in Context. Proceedings of the Graßmann Bicentennial Conference".



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