About TransArea Studies

Mission Statement

Beyond Area Studies,
TransArea Studies point out mobile conceptions of spaces and places.

Beyond spatial history,
TransArea Studies emphasize vectorial dynamisms and processes.

Beyond traditional comparative studies,
TransArea Studies focus on border-crossing, on entanglements and multiple logics.

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Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper to lead new research project on “Science and the Spectacle of Nature”

Ciencia y espectáculo de la naturaleza
Viajes científicos y museos de historia natural

Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper Mulero (Professor for History of Science and Director of the CSIC Publishing Department, Madrid)

Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper Mulero (Professor for History of Science and Director of the CSIC Publishing Department, Madrid)

Coordinator: Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper Mulero
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Instituto de Historia

The project underway was recently approved by the Secretary of State of Research, Development and Innovation (SEIDI), within the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. “Ciencia y espectáculo de la naturaleza” [Science and the spectacle of nature. Scientific travels and natural history museums] has a project duration of three years. It is part of the research framework Ciencia en un mundo global. Historia Natural, Antropología y Biología entre el viaje científico y la ciudad, coordinated by Álvaro Girón (CSIC). Continue reading

  1. AvH-R: Long-term editorial research project on Humboldt’s travel manuscript to start in 2015 – job opening Leave a reply
  2. Recent Edited Books: “Nach der Hybridität. Zukünfte der Kulturtheorie [After Hybridity. Future Cultural Theory]” (2014), “Unfälle der Sprache [Language disasters]” (2014) Leave a reply
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  5. Recent Edited Books: “Imaginarios del miedo [Imaginaries of Fear]” (2013), “Verlag Macht Weltliteratur [Publisher, Power, World Literature]” (2014) Leave a reply
  6. 10/24/2014, Symposium: “Wenn Quellen sprechen. Für eine kritische Philologie aus Perspektive der Akademie [When Sources speak. Towards a Critical Philology]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  7. Book: Ette, Ottmar: “Anton Wilhelm Amo – Philosophieren ohne festen Wohnsitz” [Philosophy without fixed abode], Kulturverlag Kadmos 2014 Leave a reply
  8. 06/05-06/07/2014, International Conference: “Der Garten im Fokus kultureller Diskurse des 18. Jahrhunderts [The Garden as focus of cultural discourse in the 18th century]“, Landau Leave a reply
  9. 05/27/2014, Conference: “Horizonte der Humboldt-Forschung [Horizons of Humboldt Studies]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  10. 05/29-05/30/2014, International Conference and Poetry Reading: “Travesías [Crossroads]“, Potsdam/Berlin Leave a reply
  11. 04/30/2014, symposium & live webcast: “Alexander von Humboldt and the Order of Nature”, New York Leave a reply
  12. 05/09-05/10/2014, International Conference: “Paisajes sumergidos – Paisajes invisibles [Submerged Landscapes - Invisible Landscapes]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  13. 03/04/2014: Opening Ceremony celebrating the purchase of Humboldt’s American Travel Diaries, Berlin Leave a reply
  14. 03/12-03/15/2014, International Conference: “Expedição Langsdorff (1824-1828) [The Langsdorff Expedition]“, Cuiabá Leave a reply
  15. Published @ Vimeo: Interview with Emine Sevgi Özdamar on Berlin, translingual poetics and literatures without a fixed abode (German) Leave a reply
  16. 09/08-09/12/2014: “15th ALEG International Conference”, Curitiba Leave a reply
  17. 01/30-01/31/2014, International Conference: “América Latina y la Literatura Mundial” [Latin America and World Literature], Köln Leave a reply
  18. 3-year Research Project on Humboldt’s American Travel Diaries announces Openings at the University of Potsdam, Germany Leave a reply
  19. 3-year Research Project at Universität Potsdam to follow the purchase of Alexander von Humboldt’s American Travel Diaries Leave a reply
  20. 11/30-12/01/2013, Conference: “Visualisierung, Visibilisierung und Verschriftlichung [Visualization, Visibilization, and Textualization]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  21. Book: Ette, Ottmar: “Roland Barthes. Landschaften der Theorie” [Landscapes of theory], konstanz university press 2013 Leave a reply
  22. 08/29/2013, Double feature book launch: “LebensMittel” (diaphanes) & “Roland Barthes. Landschaften der Theorie” (konstanz university press), Basel Leave a reply
  23. Book: Muranyi, Heike: “Brasilien als insularer Raum. Literarische Bewegungsfiguren im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert”, Verlag Walter Frey 2013 Leave a reply
  24. Book: Ette, Ottmar / Mackenbach, Werner / Nitschack, Horst (ed.): “TransPacífico. Conexiones y convivencias en AsiAméricas. Un simposio transareal”, Verlag Walter Frey 2013 Leave a reply
  25. 07/11-07/13/2013, International Conference: “Paisajes vitales. Conflictos, catástrofes y convivencias en Centroamérica y el Caribe [Vital Landscapes. Conflicts, catastrophes, and conviviality in Central America and the Caribbean]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  26. 06/19/2013, Book launch: “LebensMittel. Essen und Trinken in den Künsten und Kulturen (diaphanes)”, Berlin Leave a reply
  27. 06/20-06/22/2013, International Conference: “Nach der Hybridität. Zukünfte der Kulturtheorie [After Hybridity. Futures of Cultural Theory]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  28. 06/11-06/12/2013, International Conference: “Politik der Kritik. Ideologie Geschichte und Akteure der Literaturkritik [Politics of critique. Ideology, History and actors of literary criticism]“, Potsdam Leave a reply
  29. 06/07-06/09/2013, International Conference: “LebensLust. Vom élan vital in den Künsten und Wissenschaften [Lust for Life. On the élan vital in the arts and sciences]“, Romainmôtier Leave a reply
  30. 05/30-31/05/2013, Conference: “Nuevos tiempos, nuevas profesiones [New times, new professions]“, Madrid Leave a reply
  31. Book: Ette, Ottmar: “Viellogische Philologie. Die Literaturen der Welt und das Beispiel einer transarealen peruanischen Literatur”, Verlag Walter Frey 2013 Leave a reply
  32. 05/28/2013, Workshop: “Alexander von Humboldt in English”, Potsdam Leave a reply
  33. Editions: Alexander von Humboldt: “Views of the Cordilleras and Monuments of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas“, Chicago University Press 2012 Leave a reply
  34. 03/05-03/07/2013, Conference/PhD Workshop: “Verlag Macht Weltliteratur” [Publisher Power World Literature], Marbach Leave a reply
  35. Published @ Vimeo: Interview with Gesine Müller on TransArea Studies and the Transcolonial Caribbean (German) Leave a reply
  36. 01/31-02/02/2013, International Symposium: “Estudios transandinos – Transandean studies”, Bochum Leave a reply
  37. Published @ Vimeo: Interview with Ottmar Ette on TransArea Studies (English subtitles) Leave a reply
  38. Published @ Vimeo: Interview with Ottmar Ette on TransArea Studies (German) Leave a reply
  39. Promising workshop in San José sets roadmap for joint research in 2013 Leave a reply
  40. Ottmar Ette appointed as member of the Advisory Board at the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies Leave a reply
  41. 11/30-12/01/2012, International Workshop: “Convivencia en la diferencia. Formas y perspectivas en, desde y hacia el Gran Caribe y Centroamérica”, San José, Costa Rica Leave a reply
  42. Book: Ette, Ottmar / Müller, Gesine (ed.): “Worldwide. Archipels de la mondialisation. Archipiélagos de la globalización. A TransArea Symposium”, Iberoamericana – Vervuert 2012 Leave a reply
  43. Book: Kutzinski, Vera M. / Ette, Ottmar / Walls, Laura Dassow (ed.): “Alexander von Humboldt and the Americas”, Verlag Walter Frey 2012. Leave a reply
  44. Olivier Remaud receives the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award to strengthen ties with the University of Potsdam Leave a reply
  45. Book: Ette, Ottmar / Kraume, Anne / Mackenbach, Werner / Müller, Gesine (ed): “El caribe como paradigma. Convivencias y coincidencias históricas, culturales y estéticas. Un simposio transareal”, Verlag Walter Frey 2012 Leave a reply
  46. Book: Buschmann, Albrecht: “Max Aub und die spanische Literatur zwischen Avantgarde und Exil”, De Gruyter 2012 Leave a reply
  47. Book: Müller, Gesine: “Transkoloniale Karibik. Transferprozesse in hispanophonen und frankophonen Literaturen”, De Gruyter 2012 Leave a reply
  48. Event Ticker: the authors of the book series “mimesis” (De Gruyter) present their recent publications in Berlin Leave a reply
  49. 06/19/2012: members of POINTS present recent books of the “mimesis” series (De Gruyter) Leave a reply
  50. Book: Ette, Ottmar: “TransArea. Eine literarische Globalisierungsgeschichte”, De Gruyter 2012 Leave a reply
  51. Pedro Barceló receives the „Catedra de Excelencia“ Award Leave a reply
  52. New book on “TransArea. A literary history of globalization” by Ottmar Ette, to be published in May 2012 Leave a reply
  53. Recent POINTS activities in Madrid, Bern and Milan Leave a reply
  54. Conference Ticker “TransPacífico. Conexiones y convivencias en AsiAméricas” Leave a reply