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Alexander von Humboldt

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The Humboldt Platform in the Net

humboldt-im-netz.de contains informations and activities worldwide concerning the German explorer and scientist Alexander von Humboldt. This site has been online since 1999, the year of the 200th anniversary of Humboldt's travels to the Americas. In 2006, humboldt-im-netz.de has been completly redesigned and restructured. The site contains Humboldt informations of all sorts: links and materials on Humboldt's life and works, images, maps, portraits, online resources, links, etc.

Our Calendar offers up-to-date informations on Humboldt activities worldwide.

Current News

The new issue of HiN, the online-journal on Humboldtian studies, is online with its number 16 and includes articles by Eberhard Knobloch, Bernd Kölbel (and Martin Sauerwein, Katrin Sauerwein, Steffen Kölbel, Cathleen Buckow), Ulrike Leitner, Ingo Schwarz, Christian Suckow, Petra Werner and Herbert Pieper. HiN 16 is dedicated to the 65th birthday of the Humboldt scientist Herbert Pieper and has received a mayor update on its PDF layout. See for yourself!

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