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Soft Matter Physics

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Neher

Group Head

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I studied physics at the University of Mainz. In 1990 I gained my PhD with Prof. G. Wegner on nonlinear optical investigations of the electronic structure and order in ultrathin organic films. From 1990-1992 I was a research associate at the Optical Sciences Centre, Tucson, Arizona and at the Centre for Research in Electrooptics and Lasers, Orlando, Florida with Prof. G. Stegeman. 1992 I joined again the group of Prof. G. Wegner at the MPI-P as being responsible for the project "Electrooptical Phenomena in Polymers". In November 1998 I entered my current position as Professor of Soft Matter Physics at the Institute for Physics and Astronomy at the University of Potsdam.
Current research interests are electroluminescence of layered polymer devices, charge transport in anisotropic polymer layers, charge carrier generation in photorefractive materials, photoactive inorganic/organic composites, photoaddressable polymers and electromechanical properties of polar polymer films.


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