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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biology at the University of Potsdam!

The Institute for Biochemistry and Biology (IBB) is the largest institute within the Mathematics/Natural Sciences faculty of the University of Potsdam. Currently, the faculty includes 18 regular professors, two professors who it shares with institutions outside the university, and a series of young and emeritus groups. The directors of the neighbouring Max Planck Institutes (MPI) are also members of the IBB faculty.

The institute is responsible for two bachelor and three master programmes in the subjects of Biology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, as well as training the biology teachers in the Federal State of Brandenburg.

The research activities of the IBB focus on issues of Molecular Biology, Plant and Systems Biology, the subject of Ecology and Evolution, Protein Research and Molecular Physiology. The IBB is part of the network in Potsdam's scientific landscape, and has good connections with MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology, MPI of Colloids and Interfaces and the Fraunhofer Institute of Biomedical Technology. This network results in joint research activities, and students seeking Master's or Doctorate degrees also profit greatly from it.

Are you a high school graduate and thinking about studying biology or biochemistry? Then you've found the right address. Click here for more information on the Institute of Biochemistry and Biology.





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