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Molecular Biology - Prof. Dr. Bernd Mueller-Roeber

Prof. Dr. Müller-Röber
    • Gene Regulatory Networks (Dr. Salma Balazadeh): Transcription factors (TFs) are key regulators in all organisms; they bind to cis-regulatory elements in the promoters of their target genes and activate or repress their activity. Although functions of many TFs have been described in the past, the gene regulatory networks (GRNs) they control are virtually unknown for most of them. We are using a wide spectrum of molecular and genomics technologies to unravel key GRNs in plants. Our focus is on TFs that control leaf growth, aging and senescence, the response to H2O2 (an important stress and signalling molecule) and the response to abiotic stress. More soon …
    • Growth Control (Dr. Jos Schippers): Growth is a highly regulated and dynamic process that requires the interaction of cells over the entire growth period. The underlying mechanisms are far from completely understood. We are studying molecular and physiological elements that control organ growth and size regulation in plants, with a focus on leaves. More soon …
    • Synthetic Biosystems: Although bio-molecules like proteins, DNA or lipids originate from cells that have undergone evolution they evidently can also be employed – through biosystems engineering – to build artificial multi-component complexes that may additionally involve non-biological materials, such as artificial vesicles. At the other extreme, synthetic biosystems include microorganisms or plant cells with re-designed cellular networks for streamlined biotechnological processes or the production of valuable secondary metabolites. Our group develops in vitro technologies and designs synthetic biology strategies to establish synthetic biosystems for future applications in protein production and the generation of biofuels. More soon …


    New EU funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie project CropStrengthen - a Horizon 2020 project has started in January 2015 as European Industrial Doctorate Network.


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