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Language Tutorials

Overview of Language Tutorials

Language Tutorials at Zessko:

Please note that some tutorials only begin in the third week of the semester. We publish information about dates and locations of our tutorials on our German-language website.

English - Pronjunciation AE

Please click on link to sign up!

English - Pronunciation BE

Please click on link to sign up!

English - Conversation

Please click on link to sign up!

English - Writing Assistance

Tuesday 12 - 2 pm, Room

English - Translation

Wednesday 12 - 2 pm, Room

Italian - Grammar

Wednesday 2 - 4 pm, Room

French - Grammar

Monday 4 - 6pm, Room

Polish Grammar

Monday 10am - 12pm, Room


Wednesday 4 - 6pm, Room:

Latin - Grammar I

Tuesday 4 - 6pm, Room 1.11.203

Latin - Grammar II

Friday 2pm - 4pm, Room 1.11.203

Latin - Grammar III + IV

Friday 12 - 2pm + Friday 10am - 12pm, Room 1.11.203