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Student Projects

Steering Committee for Student Projects

The Steering Committee for Student Projects is appointed anew each year by the Studiumplus Steering Committee. It consists of two student members and one instructor (a member of the Studiumplus Steering Committee), and the Steering Committee makes a unanimous decision.

The Steering Committee makes decisions regarding:

  • The suitability of the project for acquiring key competences, and
  • Financial support for projects as applicable.

The members of the Steering Committee for 2017 are:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Musil

Marei Frener

Katharina Ermler

Luise Milsch

Katharina Schmidt


All of the forms that need to be submitted are on the University Intranet. Please do not use any other forms.

Zessko, Studiumplus must be entered in the invoice header for approved items. For private disbursements, an invoice with supporting documentation (e.g., account statement) must be submitted.

Expenditures should be settled within two months. Printing should be done in the Audiovisual Center at the University of Potsdam. Justified exceptions require proof of a lower-priced offer.

Transportation costs for train travel require written confirmation or other proof of who paid what expenses. For fuel costs, we require a receipt and written confirmation. The written confirmation must include: kilometer count, who drove from where to where (e.g., Google Maps route description). A short-distance form must be filled out for distances up to 50 km.

No funding is provided for:

  • Projects directly associated with commercial enterprises, or that are offered by the same.
  • Projects in which participants or organizers receive payment. What we mean here is that you can only apply for payment for external parties. The application must include a description of the reason for payment.
  • In addition, the expense should be a one-time expenditure, and the expertise gained should be shared among students within the project.