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SFB Colloquia

An introductory seminar to the topic of the colloquia is given beforehand for all junior scientist from 9:00-9:45 in the lecture hall.

WS 2017/2018
DateSpeakerInvited byTitleLocationRemarks

Philippe Robert,

INRIA, Paris

Sylvie RoellyStochastic Models of Gene Expression2.28.0.10810:15-11:45

Felix Wichmann

Universität Tübingen, Germany

Ralf Engbert

Comparing deep neural networks against humans: Object recognition with weak signals

Tim Sullivan,

Zuse Institute Berlin and Freie Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Sebastian ReichDistributional Uncertainty in Uncertainty Quantification2.28.0.10810:15-11:45

Charlotte Kloft,

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Wilhelm HuisingaPharmacometrics: Analysing and understanding variability and uncertainty in clinical data

Michael Ghil,

Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Yuri Shprits

Data Assimilation: Past, Present and Future

The flyer for the colloquia in the winter term 2017/18 can be downloaded here .

SS 2018
DateSpeakerInvited byTitleLocationRemarks

Dino Sejdinovic,

University of Oxford, UK


Gilles Blanchard and Alexandra Carpentier
22.06Uri Ascher, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, CanadaSebastian Reich

Maximilian Werner,

University of Bristol, UK

Gert Zöller