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Departmental Student Committees Jewish Studies and Religious Studies

The departmental Student Committees attends to the students’ interests, offer student counseling and organize cultural activities like lectures, discussion forums and festivities.

Religious Studies Student Committee

To contact the Student Committee of Religious studies please use this e-mail address: relwifsr@googlemail.nomorespam.com

Jewish Studies Student Committee

More information can be found on the homepage of the Jewish Studies Student Committee.


Jewish Studies Student Committee

This homepage is currently not updated. Please also visit the facebook page www.facebook.com/fsrjsup/

FSR Movie

Thursday, Oct. 17th in the Nil Student Club. 5:30 p.m.

The first movie is presented by the Student Commitee of Jewish Theology:

"Difficult approach: The Chassidic Jewess Meira and the liberal nonbeliever Félix leave their old lives behind and try a new one. A sensitive movie by Maxime Giroux about the encounter of two cultures."

- FSR Movie will take place every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Campus Neues Palais. -

FSR Pub Meeting

Welcome - Bruchim Haba'im - Willkommen

This semester we want to invite you to our "Stammtisch" of the Students Council (FSR) of Jewish Studies. First university acquaintances, presentation-partners, friends and dates are also all welcome to come!

In a relaxed atmosphere you can chat about everything you want - from gossip of professors to the best "Mensa" food! And you'll have the opportunity to meet us, the students of FSR Jewish Studies, while drinking a Potsdamer Stange (beer) or something else ;)

- The Stammtisch of the FSR Jewish Studies takes place every 1. Thurday of the month at a Pub/ Bar in Potsdam. -