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KoUP Cooperation Funding

KoUP Cooperation Funding was established by the President and Vice President for International Affairs, Alumni and Fundraising at the University of Potsdam as a seed money concept for the promotion of international partnerships. The program’s goal is to pave the way for international cooperative agreements and to work together with partner institutions to develop applications for external funding for research projects.

KoUP instruments (formerly mini grants) have been organized since 2015 into three funding lines, with priorities and regions that change each year.

Overview of KoUP Program Lines

    KoUP 1: Joint summer/winter schools, workshops and preparatory fact-finding trips in the context of research projects, student exchanges, and the establishment of joint degree programs (funding, depending on target country, of € 3,000 to € 5,000 per application)

    KoUP 2: Funding primarily for the preparation of a joint application with a partner institution (e.g., in the context of Horizon 2020), as well as joint summer/winter schools, workshops, research work, or consortium meetings (funding amount up to € 10,000 / application); cooperative agreements with Israel receive support each year in this funding line; country priorities alternate.

    KoUP Partners: Development and expansion of cooperative agreements related to degree programs and teaching; internationalization of teaching; a cooperative agreement with Macquarie University receives support each year from this funding line; country priorities alternate.

Special calls for proposals (for example, KoUP TAU – Tel Aviv University) are issued occasionally and offer funding for selected purposes in the corresponding project year.

Priority regions change each year; countries go upwards through the funding lines. A country (or region) that starts out in KoUP 1 then moves on to KoUP 2, and then in to KoUP Partners.
The Vice President leads a commission that makes decisions about application approvals. Applications that focus on cooperative agreements with previously existing partners will be given preference if the application volume exceeds available funds. Calls for proposals are issued in the December before the beginning of the funding year.
In 2016, the University invested more than € 230,000 in central grants for the development and expansion of cooperative agreements in the priority regions of Latin America, Israel, France, Poland, and Australia.  These funding lines support research and teaching, as well as knowledge and technology transfer.