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Proof of Sufficient Funds

The proof of sufficient funds is necessary to show that your support is secured for the duration of your stay in Germany. The maximum amount of financial aid according to BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) of 720 Euro per month (8,640 Euro annually) serves as the measure for students from countries outside the EU.

Please note that it is generally not sufficient to provide a statement of your current balance from a checking or savings account.

The following are accepted proofs of sufficient fund:

Security Deposit

A security deposit (of at least 8,640.00 Euro per year) paid into a blocked account ("Sperrkonto") at a bank in Germany (e.g., Deutsche Bank) or a bank that is allowed to conduct banking business in Germany. A block notice will allow you to only withdraw a certain amount each month (e.g., 720.00 Euro). The Foreigners’ Registration Office can provide you with a form with which the bank will confirm the establishment of such a blocked account.


Explanation of your parents’ financial situation (income and assets)

Confirmation must be provided in the original and in German (as a certified translation). In addition, you might have to provide a written declaration by your parents and a copy of their identification cards. In this declaration your parents commit to providing you with the necessary financial means.

A formal declaration of a relative or friend who permanently live in Germany,

and who declares to the Foreigners’ Registration Office his/her commitment to cover your costs ("Verpflichtungserklärung"). These persons must prove that they are able to keep their commitment.


Stipends paid from public German funds or stipends provided by a funding organization that is recognized in Germany or stipends from public funds of the country of origin, if the Foreign Office or a German funding organization has arranged the placement at a German university.

Income from personal employment

Income from personal employment may also be included as contribution to your financial means.

The financing options that will be accepted are determined on a case-by-case basis.