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Health Insurance

In Germany, there is a health insurance obligation for all students. This means that you must provide proof of current health insurance when registering at the University of Potsdam.

Students from EU and EEA countries

who are covered by statutory health insurance in those countries must obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Students from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey

who are covered by statutory health insurance in those countries must obtain equivalent verification (form E-111, AT 11, ATN11 or BH6) in their home country prior to their departure.

If these conditions are met, such students are exempt from mandatory health insurance with an insurance provider in GermanyThey are, however, required to contact a statutory insurance provide Authorities, Health Insurance Companies and Associations in Germany and apply for a statement verifying their insurance coverage with a statutory health care provider in their home country. This verification must be presented at the time of registration with the university.

The following information applies to students from other countries:

Statutory Health Insurance

Prospective students under the age of 30 and who are not from the countries mentioned above can seek insurance in Germany with a statutory insurance provider of their choice. They will pay a low premium (currently about 90 EUR per month for health and long-term care insurance) and receive all statutory services. When registering with your health insurance provider, please bring:

  • your passport and
  • your letter of acceptance from the university.

You must also ask your insurer for a statement verifying your insured status for the purpose of registering at a university. You must present this verification at the time of registration with the university.


You can already contact a German statutory health insurance provider before departure from your home country. If you enroll in a health insurance plan for the intended duration of your studies prior to your arrival in Germany, you can include the statement verifying your insured status with your visa application. To find out more, please contact the International Office.

Private health insurance

Private insurance provider from your home country

If you want to come with an existing private health insurance plan from your home country that would cover all your costs in case of sickness, you must nevertheless contact a statutory insurance provider. After your enrollment in a private insurance, the statutory insurance provider will need to issue a statement that you are exempt from mandatory statutory health insurance.

  • This statement needs to be presented at the time of registration with the university.

This exemption is irrevocable, i.e., you cannot switch back to a statutory insurance provider during the course of your studies! A private health insurance from your home country will only be recognized if its minimum services correspond with those of a statutory German health insurance. If this is not the case, your health insurance will not be accepted and you must enroll with a statutory health insurance provider in Germany.


Private insurance provider in Germany

If you are required to have private german health insurance (e.g., non-EU citizens over the age of 30), you must also contact a statutory insurance provider after enrolling with a private insurance provider and ask for a statement that verifies that you are exempt from mandatory health insurance with a statutory German insurance provider.

  • You must present this statement at the time of registration with the university.

When deciding which private insurance provider to pick, you should carefully consider your options and pay attention to price and service as these can differ greatly among various providers. We recommend that you compare the services of several insurance providers before enrolling. If you encounter problems or if you have questions, you may seek advice in the International Office.

An overview of private insurance companies is available through the website of the association of private insurance providers (Verband der privaten Krankenversicherungen e.V.).

Attendees for summer course or preparatory German course

Mandatory health insurance does not apply during preparatory German courses or other programs preparing students for their studies in Germany, and such students normally carry private health insurance during this time. After the end of their preparatory German course or program – i.e., with the beginning of their studies – these students can enroll in statutory health insurance.