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Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, Biodiversity Research /Systematic Botany - Joshi Lab


Our biodiversity research includes:

projects in Invasion Biology, Community Ecology,  Evolutionary Plant Ecology and Plant Systematics.


We study

the impacts of biotic plant-soil interactions for plant community coexistence,

are interested in the evolutionary mechanisms for rapid adaptation to new environmental conditions

experimentally investigate the importance of epigenetic changes for plant invasion success and are interested in the (negative and positive) effects of novel ecosystems in urban systems

Assess gene flow across agricultural landscapes differing in management intensity

study at landscape scales the influence of landscape diversity on ecosystem processes and services on agricultural systems

Study the evolution of species rich plant families and plant clades

are interested in the biogeography of species-rich Mediterranean islands

investigate the limits of adaptation and the limits of life on earth to extreme environmental conditions in bryophytes

and taxonomically study fungal pathogens of wild plants


Current and completed projects

Current and completed theses (to be updated)



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