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Prof. Dr. B. Hocher

Lehrstuhl Experimentelle Ernährungsmedizin

Prof. Dr. med. B. Hocher

Head of the Group

Experimental Nutritional Science

Curriculum Vitae:

Prof. Dr. med. Berthold Hocher studied medicine at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Heidelberg. He started his research career at the department of molecular biology and biochemistry at the Free University of Berlin where he also accomplished his doctoral thesis. In the following years he worked clinically in the field of internal medicine with the focus on endocrinology and nephrology. After clinical posts at the Benjamin Franklin University Hospital of the Free University of Berlin and the Charité, he became a consultant nephrologist and associated professor of internal medicine at the University Hospital Bern/Switzerland. Thereafter, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry in pre-clinical and clinical drug development (Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Hannover, Germany and Roche, Basel, Switzerland). He currently holds a full professorship at the University in Potsdam for experimental nutritional medicine and is visiting professor at the Jinan University, Guangzhou, China. The main topics of his research group are fetal programming of cardiovascular diseases, exploration of novel targets for the treatment of diabetic complications focusing on diabetic nephropathy as well as biomarker research.

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Prof. Dr. B. Hocher giving a lecture in Kanton, China


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