Self-organised ecogeomorphic systems: confronting models with data for land-degradation in drylands

07-10 June 2010, Potsdam, Germany

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ESF Exploratory Workshop - LESC

Location: 7-10 June 2010, Potsdam, Germany

Convened by: Eva Nora Mueller (DE), John Wainwright (UK) and Anthony Parsons (UK)

Scientific report


Desertification and land degradation are major environmental problems in the EU and globally. The difficulty of understanding vegetation-environment interactions requires major changes to the ways in which dryland environments are investigated. The workshopevaluatee approaches based on complexity theory and advanced self-organized models for such investigations, and deals with the difficult issue of how to use existing data to test these approaches, as well as identify the need for new datasets. The workshop aimed to provide a keystone manual in modelling and analytical approaches, and to set up interrelated networks on model and data development.

This workshop is funded by the European Science Foundation. This meeting was not open to the public.

A full scientifc report of the workshop can be found here.

Group picture next to the Havelsee in Potsdam

We would like to thank all participants for their great motivation, enthusiasm and scientific input during the exploratory workshop. The results of the workshop will be published in a keystone manual as an edited book volume under the title: Pattern of land-degradation in drylands - Understanding self-organised ecogeomorphic systems" in spring 2011 (Springer, Utrecht, The Netherlands).

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